My life has been a beautiful story made up of so many memories with people and experiences I cherish.  Organizing my Life Story has been a privilege, being able to experience the feeling of these moments again and wrap them in amazing music that reflects the love I feel.  I'm grateful that I can now share this video with my family and friends.

-David Hakan

A Life Story


David - Love this video..


Carol,  March 2015

"This was the day before Sara and Robby's wedding in Florida 2014.  We were all on the beach, I looked up and Amanda, Ally and Sara were all jumping at the same time.  Luckily I was able to get the photo" -  Inga Hakan

 As you can see from our faces, we were having a fun weekend with Peter Max and collectors in our Vegas gallery in 2007.  Peter is like a brother, very caring and such a brilliant and legendary artist.  I have always felt very lucky to have the Peter Max galleries, and such a warm and rewarding relationship with Peter.

- David Hakan

Jane and I celebrated David's 50th birthday with Kristian on the golf course at Aviara near San Diego.  It was blast! - Brett

We brought Dad to Maui when he was 86 thinking this might be our last chance to share it with him.  Well it was, but we all enjoyed every minute, including our favorite breakfast at Plantation House in Kapalua. - David Hakan

Here is my OpusPlaylist I hope you enjoy the music.

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